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We provide detailed Neuropsychological and Psychological Evaluations to aid individuals, families and clinicians in documenting cognitive functioning and determining diagnoses. Evaluations include comprehensive recommendations for mental health, work, and education.

Our clients typically have had difficulty obtaining accurate diagnosis(es), seek validation of a more cursory assessment, or have tried several medication or psychotherapy treatments with limited success. We are able to help individuals and families by involving family and school feedback. Typically we work with the child or adult for several hours depending on the pace of the testing and assessments necessary for each case. Rapport is developed in a comfortable testing setting.

We see patients with difficulties with sociability, emotions, behaviors, focus and attention, academics, or some combination of these. We see patients with neurological conditions including Concussions, Neurological Lyme Disease, PANS/PANDAS, Dementia, and Intellectual Disability. Our evaluations are detailed and comprehensive. For more information on the benefits of testing and procedures, please see the "Common Questions" section of this website.

Rates of Lyme Disease and Lyme Coinfections (e.g., Bartonella, Babesia, Ehrlichiosis) are on the rise in New England. Many of our patients have recent or long-standing Lyme/Coinfection symptoms, which include neurological, psychological, and physical symptoms. Psychological symptoms of a long-standing infection can include anxiety, panic attacks, depression, psychosis (e.g., auditory hallucinations), obsessive thoughts, and eating disorders. These patients typically have daily fatigue and other neurological or physical complaints. Please look at the "Links" tab on this website to learn more about Lyme and Lyme Coinfections.

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